Educational Signage

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Schools, Colleges and Universities naturally need good signage. With the large and complex nature of the buildings, new students as well as visitors need well planned, informative wayfinding to help them to get from A to B, to identify the campus and in case of emergency. Perhaps equally important is that Schools, Colleges and Universities rely greatly on sign systems to add to the overall professional image of the educational sector and to advertise it’s own specific identity.

Ward Sign Makers of Bristol have been providing signage directly to schools, colleges, universities, through architects / building contractors and for councils for over 50 years. Faculty management often request a site visit from our experienced and friendly sign makers to recommend the best signage solution for their needs.

Main Entrances Signage makes the public aware of your establishment’s location. However it is much more than that! The first impression of your school, college or university will likely be the main entrance and it’s signage. This is a crucial part of making the right first impression.

Making sure that people understand the health & safety of your establishment is imperative. We supply many different types of emergency sign to your requirements.

Signage for the Doors within schools, colleges and universities. Ward Signs design, manufacture and install door signs of all types and can help you to put a schedule together. There are many requirements (and solutions) for door signage, be it vandal proofing, ease of alteration, accessibility (DDA) requirements or simply look and feel.

Wayfinding Signs help visitors in your School, College or University to find the best route to get to where they want to go. These come in may different shapes and sizes and fixed in a variety of ways.