Wall Mounted Signs (External)

Wall mounted signs are signs that are fixed directly to a wall (as opposed to being attached to posts in the ground, hung from a ceiling or other method of fixing).

Flat faced wall mounted signs are usually either a “Panel” or a “Tray”.  Panel based signs are simply cut to size from a sheet (or “substrate”), while “Trays” have a depth to them having being made from a folded piece of aluminium to form a tall wide box.  Alternatively, curved signs can be fabricated to give a unique look.

When fitted directly to a wall, tray signs naturally have a strong yet subtle presence and (literally) stand out.  Panels can either be “flush fitted” (fitted right up against the wall) or can have stand-off fixings (“legs”) which hold them off the wall.

Panel signage can be manufactured using different mediums of substrate, including; coloured or clear acrylic, wood, aluminiumstainless steel and bronze plaques.

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3D Modelled Plaques

Your design sculpted in 3D by our artists and cast in solid metal. Hand Painted, Gold Leafed or Bare Metal finishes

Wall Mounted Signs (Internal)

Room names, wayfinding or directional signage fitted on internal walls.

Post Mounted Signs

Main entrance, wayfinding or information Post mounted signs erected externally, “planted” into soft or hard ground

Directories of Signs (External)

Arrays of signage that can be re-ordered, removed and replaced. Can be fitted to external walls, post mounted or installed as Monoliths