Internal Signage

Internal Signage must be more than just for wayfinding, it’s part of the d├ęcor and must complement the style and nature of the building it is in. Please see below for ideas of the type of signs that may be used, or if you have any specific requirement, please request a callback and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Signage for doors often include nameplates, changeagble inserts, engaged / vacant sliders and graphics for visibility panels.

Arrays of signage that can be re-ordered, removed and replaced. Often used for wayfinding in lobbies or around lifts and staircases.

Room names, wayfinding / directional signage fitted on internal walls.

Signs that stand out, literally. Typically used in shopping centres and concourses. Projecting signs can be both practical and interesting.

Signage suspended from ceilings. Large open plan rooms often have no locations for fitting, so signs can be hung from the ceiling.

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