Projecting Signs (Internal)

Signs that stand out, literally. Typically used in shopping centres and concourses. Projecting signs can be both practical and interesting.

Internal projecting signs are recommended for places in which people walk parallel to the building or feature they are advertising, particularly in a busy environment.  Such places present a challenge to get signage visible from afar.  Projecting Signs aid such a challenge by protruding, positioning them in the field of view of the audience.

Projecting signs are often practical solutions for busy concourses in stadiums, schools and shopping malls.

Internal projecting signs come in different styles, such as simple folded aluminium “v panels”, “box signs” and “light boxes” (which are the same as box signs but have internal illumination).

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Hanging (suspended) Signs

Signage suspended from ceilings. Large open plan rooms often have no locations for fitting, so signs can be hung from the ceiling.

Directories of Signs (Internal)

Arrays of signage that can be re-ordered, removed and replaced. Often used for wayfinding in lobbies or around lifts and staircases.

Projecting Signs

Signs that stand out, literally. Typically used in high streets and alleys. Projecting signs can be both beautiful and practical