Mirror Finish Stainless Engraved Plaques

Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Plaques, polished to a mirror finish with etched, infilled details

Modern looking mirror finish stainless steel plaques are often used on entrances to buildings to show a company or individual to have a level of prestige or corporate identity.  They may be used in parks and public places to identify works of modern art and monuments.  Wherever and however used, polished stainless steel plates stand out and have a striking sense of purpose.  While very similar to Satin Finish Stainless Steel Plaques, they offer a very different end effect.

Such plaques are polished to a 240s grit finish and are available in standard or marine (316 grade) specification stainless steel.  A combination of machine or chemical etching, infilling and screen printing can achieve your desired design incorporating your logo, text and style.

Fixings may be “prison” screws, dome head screws and other cover-head fixings.  Engraved stainless steel plaques can also be mounted on wooden plinths in your specified hard or soft wood.

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