Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall based in the northern edge of South Kensington London. They recently required us to produce a cast bronze plaque for a crest and lettering reading ‘1851 Place’ to be installed at the bottom of a staircase, positioned in front of the accessible entrance for door 8.

Cast Solid Bronze signage is commonplace among grand and historic heritage buildings, such as theatres, museums, banks, and pubs. They are often used to denote luxury and elegance and the material has the additional ability to stand up to very harsh conditions, meaning they last a very long time.

The Concert Hall was opened on 29 March 1871 and built using an Italianate architectural style. When at maximum capacity, it can hold 5,272 people and is considered one of the UK’s most treasured and distinctive buildings. It is managed and maintained by a registered charity that aims to promote the Arts and Sciences. The Grade I listed building stands at 41 meters high and was initially designed by Architects Henry Young Darracott Scott and Francis Fowke.

During the mid-19th century, cast solid bronze signage was a popular material within the sign making industry. However, bronze as a medium has fallen out of fashion due to the raw-material cost being so high. Since bronze signs last so long, these grand and historic heritage buildings never needed to replace their signage and therefore wouldn’t keep in line with the changing trends. To maintain the older appearance of the signage, both the fine-linished plaque and the cast bronze lettering have been artificially aged. As Ward Signs have a wide range of experience, they can produce signage in many different materials to suit every budget and any requirement.

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Royal Albert Hall – 1851 Place

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall based in the northern edge of South Kensington London. They recently required us to produce a cast

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I commissioned Wards of Bristol to produce a bronze memorial plaque, which featured the intricate engraving of a scarce butterfly. The resulting work is beautiful and has completely surpassed my expectations.

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