Cast Bronze Signage for 2012 Olympic Games

Wards of Bristol, makers of Cast Bronze Plaques produced the “Pindaric Ode” plaque for the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.  The Plaque features the Pindaric Ode recited by Boris Johnson in both English and in Ancient Greek, thus symbolic of the handing over of the torch from the last, Olympic games in Greece.

It was a great privilege to make the plaque which, being cast in traditional plaque sign makers solid bronze, will no doubt stand to time indefinite in Olympic Park, London.

The Ode, commissioned by Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Composed by Dr Armand D’Angour, was founded using the traditional sand casting method in Solid Bronze and measures over 765mm diameter. Wards Signmakers of Bristol are very proud to have made such a piece as this.

The ode is reported to contain about a dozen “cryptic references” to Olympians… Why not see how many you can identify below?

“Behold this new Olympic torch, the flames that first blazed forth at Greece’s early dawn:
Now give a rousing welcome to the Games, on London’s riverbanks reborn.

Applaud as rival team, in sport allied, march in from the far corners of the earth.
The poet now must emulate their stride and craft and ode to sporting worth.

A countless throng of watchers will observe the dazzling relays of the running-teams,
watch rival oarsmen straining every nerve, and gymnasts on the balance-beams.

The crowds will view with wonder and delight the rider urge her horse about and back,
the skilful archer draw his bowstring tight, the lightning bold around the track.

The drums will volley and the pipes play loud as tales of victory are daily told;
the stands will echo to the cheering crowd when victors raise the prize of gold.

Now welcome all to Britain’s sea-girt land:join London’s Mayor and company within.
To all who strive may fortune lend a hand:applaud, and let the Games begin!”

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