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We specialise in manufacturing, restoration and reproduction of historic and new coats of arms. We are also able to manufacture from originals, from heraldic associations, or even from a photo.
We specialise in manufacturing, restoration and reproduction of historic and new coats of arms. We are also able to manufacture from originals, from heraldic associations, or even from a photo.

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Modern techniques and materials are used for a coat of arms, such as machine engraving onto mirror stainless steel. However, traditional methods of making heraldry signs and coats of arms are still prevalent for this historical art form.

As well as heraldry, we also make many other types of signs, including;

  • Educational Signs: ensure that new students and visitors find their way easily;
  • Lettering: Did you know that Ward Signs patented the process for resin cast moulding?
  • Plaques: order bespoke plaques made to your exact specifications;
  • Internal signage: accentuate company branding with high-quality internal signs;
  • Monolith signage: long-lasting and eye-catching.

Heraldry dates back to medieval times when knights were recognised by the crests they bore on their suits of armour. They are still used to identify and associate with a certain family, profession or denomination or profession. We have created a coat of arms for many organisations, including county councils, embassies and universities, who use crests, logos and emblems as part of their corporate branding.

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Coats of Arms for Education

Coats of Arms for Education

Schools, Colleges and Universities often have their own Coat of Arms. Ward Signs, South West based, are specialists in Heraldic Artistry and Restoration.

What Size is a Coat of Arms?

A 3D crest or coat of arms may be as tiny as 18cm (7 inches). If they are foundry cast in bronze or aluminium, the size can be as much as 1.5 meters (5 feet) in height. Still, it is also possible to manufacture bigger crests from fibreglass aluminium is the most suitable material for a coat of arms as it enables them to be decorated with the most durable type of enamel paint. So a crest or coat of arms may be made from:
  • Bronze;
  • Fibreglass.
  • Aluminium;
Regardless of your choice of medium, it is essential that your 3D crest is painted by a skilled heraldic artist who has a thorough understanding of the complex blazon and rules for historical coats of arms. This includes knowledge of history, flags and all the associated nomenclature.

Why Ward Signs are the best choice for all types of signage, including a coat of arms

Having made multiple coats of arms for Royal Warrant holders and similar work on behalf of the Royal Family, you can be sure that we will give your coat of arms all the care, expertise and love that any such work of art deserves. Ward Signs of Bristol are the leading manufacturers of signage across Bristol and the West Country. Ward Signs offer:
  • Attention to detail;
  • Unrivalled expertise;
  • An extensive product range;
  • High-quality signage;
  • Products to suit all budgets;
  • Bespoke signs made to your exact requirements.

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Fabulous and quick service received from Wards for new signage. Would highly recommend

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I commissioned Wards of Bristol to produce a bronze memorial plaque, which featured the intricate engraving of a scarce butterfly. The resulting work is beautiful and has completely surpassed my expectations.

The service received was also fast, courteous and well-priced, and I would gladly recommend Wards to anyone I know.

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Very happy with this product. Efficient service and delivery. Will use again.
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Ward Signs was incredibly professional, prompt, and just plain wonderful to deal with. The quality of the product far exceeded my expectations; I absolutely will order from Ward again!

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