The Benefits of Illuminated Signs

Lighting can make a huge difference in a sign's effectiveness. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished.

Illuminated Signs by Ward Signs of Bristol

Lighting is often essential to accentuate the presence of a sign. Illuminated letters can make signs instantly eye-catching and vastly enhance their visibility.

Illumination can also be an advantage because of its appearance, but also because it renders the sign visible to passers-by at night-time. Illuminated signage acts as a beacon in the dark, advertising your business or brand and effortlessly grabbing attention.

There are many ways signage can be enhanced via illumination. Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Neon Lights: Neon signs instantly brighten up any internal or external space;
  • External Lamps: Designed to be fitted on the outside of a wall or building, external lamps feature dramatic effects caused by the contrast of bright lights and shadows on the lettering.
  • Internal Lighting: Box signs are fitted with internal lights so that the logo or wording is visible within. The face has an attractive ‘glowing’ appearance.
  • Halo Lettering: Halo illumination causes a glow of light around either an acrylic letter, a built-up powder-coated stainless steel letter, or a powder-coated aluminium letter, as LEDs are positioned to shine from behind the letter.
  • Front-lit Signs: These consist of letters and animations that are illuminated so the audience can see the bright colours and intricate designs.
  • Tray Signs: tray signs create a modern and identifiable presence, day and night when illuminated.

Ward Signs have an extensive product range to suit all requirements. Many nationally recognised companies have benefitted from Ward Signs, including the BBC and the NHS.

What Additional Types of Signs are Available?

Ward Signs offer all the main types of signs, suitable for commercial or domestic use:

  • Educational Signage - helping colleges and school sign post and emphasise their identity;
  • Monolith Signs: Large, industrial signs that are visible from a distance;
  • Coats of Arms: Ward Signs are expert royal warrant makers in commissioning heraldic signage.

Ward Signs are the leading manufacturers of signs in Bristol and throughout the UK. We can manufacture bespoke signs for any purpose.

Why Choose Ward Signs for your Illuminated Signs?

We have earned a reputation for excellence in signage and are proud to continue our tradition of innovation and success. For over sixty years, we have led the way in the design, production and installation of all types of signage.

Ward Signs offers a service that is:

  • Innovative
  • Cost-effective
  • Professional
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest standards
  • Compliant with Health & Safety standards

Over 10,000 organisations in the UK have used Ward Signs

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