Projecting Signs

Signs that stand out, literally. Typically used in high streets and alleys. Projecting signs can be both beautiful and practical

External projecting signs are used to put signage at an angle which is more noticeable to people walking parallel a building, they literally stand out.

Projecting signs may also be referred to as “pub signs” because traditionally, pubs and taverns would have them, mounted on beautiful Victorian style cast iron framework.

Anywhere that people walk parallel to buildings and rooms, (such as high streets) their field of vision does not always lend itself to what is to the left of the right, particularly where it is busy.  This can present a challenge to placing signage that catches the eye.  The solution is to have signs that are projecting and so the signage faces passers-by, getting into their field of vision.

Projecting signs can be enhanced by having them illuminated.  This can be achieved in various ways such as box signs (which have lighting inside them) or other methods of lighting them.

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Projecting Signs (Internal)

Signs that stand out, literally. Typically used in shopping centres and concourses. Projecting signs can be both practical and interesting.

Illuminated Signs

Lighting can make a big difference to the impact of a sign, there are different ways to accomplish illuminated signs

Directories of Signs (External)

Arrays of signage that can be re-ordered, removed and replaced. Can be fitted to external walls, post mounted or installed as Monoliths