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Do you need a new door sign? Door signs are surprisingly important. A door sign can help define your building, so it should always be of the highest quality.

What types of door sign are available at Ward Signs?

Ward Signs produce many types of custom door signs from which to choose. We recommend using a long-lasting acrylic or metal sign rather than a simple piece of paper because this never looks professional. Here are some of the kinds of door sign at your disposal:

  • Door Sign Slats: Slats found in most educational institutions, offices, hospitals and any large building;
  • Door Discs: Suitable for large institution or buildings with door naming conventions;
  • Sliding Engaged/Vacant Door Sign: Door Signs with “Sliders” on which allow occupants to choose their desired text;
  • Classic Wooden Door Signs: Suitable for historic building desiring the highest quality;
  • Acrylic Meeting Name Sign: Using your branding, we can make your meeting room really stand out;
  • Tactile Door Sign: Door Signs with raised text, high contrast detail and Braille as appropriate for DDA standards.

Ward Signs have an extensive product range to meet any requirements. Many national companies have benefited from using Ward Signs, including the BBC and the NHS.

What materials are used to make door signs?

Ward Signs uses a variety of materials, such as acrylic, to make its door signs. These differ according to the purpose of the sign. Here are some of the main materials used:

  • Acrylic: acrylic is a popular plastic-like material;
  • Brass: a popular metal for external and internal signs;
  • Extruded aluminium: Ward Signs was one of the first companies to use this substance;
  • Bronze: this is popularly used for door plaques;
  • Vinyl: a cost-effective option similar to acrylic;
  • Polyester resin;

There’s no need to limit yourself to one option. Ward Signs can create signs that combine multiple materials to create unique effects and reduce costs. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that you will be happy with the result.

Why choose Ward Signs for your door sign?

Ward Signs have been expertly producing signs in Bristol and the West Country for over sixty years. Ward Signs have the knowledge and skills to manufacture a bespoke door sign to your exact specification.

A door sign from Ward Signs can help you to:

  • Improve navigation - a door sign can help potential customers easily find your office;
  • Improve the appearance of your company;
  • Ensure liability - clearly labelling emergency exits is essential;
  • Inject personality - a door sign can help emphasise the character of your business;
  • Boost your brand.

Over 10,000 organisations in the UK have used Ward Signs

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