Cast Bronze Letters

Traditional Architectural Bronze Lettering cast at our foundry

Cast Bronze Letters are classic, the traditional way of displaying a building’s name.  Other than the historic look and feel of Bronze, the major benefit when used in lettering and signage is that it is impervious to rotting, rusting and corrosion – in other words, once installed it will last forever.

While historically in the sign making industry cast bronze was a commonly preferred material, today with the raw-material cost being so high, bronze as a medium is not so commonplace.  That is why grand and historic heritage buildings that have withstood the sands of time usually will have bronze lettering on them.  Because of this, when choosing signage for banks, museums, theatres, pubs and other classic buildings Cast Bronze lettering is the preferred choice of many architects.

The natural colour of bronze is a rich, sepia and we tone the letters for you so that they have a standardized, uniform appearance.

Being cast (and not simply cut out) lettering, our bronze letters are 3 dimensional coming in different “patterns” with different cross-sections.  Typically, bronze lettering would be a (Times) Roman face with a “V” cross-section (also known as “Architectural Letters”).

As with all Wards signage lettering solutions we are with you all the way if you choose to install the letters yourself.  Included with the letters are installation instructions, stand off locators and a full size “layout” of the lettering and spacing, which will help ensure you they are put up proportionally.

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