3D Modelled Plaques

Your design sculpted in 3D by our artists and cast in solid metal. Hand Painted, Gold Leafed or Bare Metal finishes

Wards of Bristol specialise in custom designed hand modelled and painted 3D plaques.  The skill of artisans and engineers is combined to form solid bronzealuminium or fibreglass into a living 3D relief.

Plaques may be finished in different ways including gold leaf (gilding), hand painting or a combination of oxidised dark toning with bright linishing.

Such bespoke plaques are commissioned in much the same way as a portrait, sculpture or another piece of art is commissioned.  Depending on the subject, historic research may be necessary, from detail such as typical décor for the era, hair colour and appropriate cloud formations for a landscape are often researched by our passionate artists who pay minute attention to historical detail.

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Blue Heritage Plaques

Wards of Bristol have created the famous blue heritage plaques. These traditional bronze plaques are seen on historic buildings throughout the country. Read the case study.

Bronze Engraved Plaques

Beautiful, traditional bronze metal plaques, engraved for a modern crisp look

Cast Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques are usually unpainted to show the beautiful, traditional plaque metal

Cast Aluminium Plaques

Most painted Plaques are cast in Aluminium, the modern alternative to Iron