Cast Aluminium Plaques

Most painted Plaques are cast in Aluminium, the modern alternative to Iron

Cast aluminium plaques (which are the modern equivalent to cast iron plaques) are used when you want a casting which is painted.  Usually, a bare metal cast plaque would be a bronze plaque.

Whether you would like to design your own, or give us the details and have our artwork team draft it for you, modern computer-based designs and traditional plaque maker techniques are combined to produce a piece that will dignify the occasion or person in a fine way.

Upon design completion, the pattern is manufactured in the factory and given to our foundry.  The foundry uses the sand casting method on the pattern to produce a mould which then, in turn, is used to set your design in solid metal.

Although being a more costly material, Aluminium is used as a modern alternative to Iron because its qualities make for better-defined plaques; also the lower melting temperature allows the casting to be made more energy efficient.  Iron is disposed to rust and is rarely ever used for castings in the present day because Aluminium is largely recognised as being the appropriate medium by the sign making industry.

Events in world history both large and small have traditionally been preserved or remembered by the unveiling of a plaque.  Symbolic to the memory of the event, the plaque should also be able to stand the test of time.

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Anne Frank Cast Plaque

Ward Signs has recently completed a new cast resin plaque for long standing client Bristol City Council in Brandon Hill Park, Bristol.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Ward Signs has recently completed a new range of signage for new client Victoria & Albert Museum in London