RIBA Site Signboards / Siteboards

Site Sign Boards for RIBA Architects & Practices - The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a professional body for architects in the United Kingdom.


RIBA Site Signboards (or “Siteboards”) are used by RIBA Architects and Practices to indicate where their offices are located on a site and promote both the individual and the profession as a whole.  Ward Signs of Bristol have provided site signboards to professionals for over 50 years at a reasonable cost, with excellent deliveries.

The distinctive red board with white lion logo is instantly recognized on construction sites and throughout the construction industry showing that the bearer has the prestigious accreditation held by its 44,000 members.

Rigid RIBA siteboards as manufactured by Wards of Bristol are printed to the exact “orangey” red colour required by the RIBA (Pantone 032c) which can only be attained through our precise colour matching and manufacturing process.  This vinyl print is then Laminated so that this colour is preserved, encased in a “sandwich”, making them scratch resistant and appropriate for typical conditions on construction sites.  These RIBA site signboard graphics can either be supplied as self-adhesive stickers or applied to flexible, tough 2mm HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) material.

As RIBA licensed manufacturers, Wards of Bristol’s siteboards measure to the high standards which is appropriate for its member.  Hence, design and manufacture is kept to the specific requirements of the RIBA and use of the “Twin Lions” logo is only allowed when these stipulations are met.

A draft layout of your required siteboard is supplied and agreed at no extra cost before manufacture takes place.  After production, all boards are carefully packed in special cartons and delivered on a priority service.

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