Educational Signage

Schools, Colleges and Universities naturally need good signage. With the large and complex nature of the buildings, new students, as well as visitors, need well planned, informative wayfinding to help them to get from A to B, to identify the campus and in case of emergency. Perhaps equally important is that Schools, Colleges and Universities rely greatly on sign systems to add to the overall professional image of the educational sector and to advertise it’s own specific identity.

School Signs

Coats of Arms for Education

Coats of Arms for Education

Schools, Colleges and Universities often have their own Coat of Arms. Ward Signs, South West based, are specialists in Heraldic Artistry and Restoration.

Letters and Lettering

Letters and lettering

Individual letters manufactured and arranged to show School, College and University building names.

Door "Disc" Signs

Door “Disc” Signs

Door Number “Discs” – Acrylic platters which have been engraved with the number or reference of the room. Can be fitted with screws or strong adhesive.

Changeable Door Signs (Slats)

Changeable Door Signs (Slats)

Standard Door Signs – “Slats” found in most educational institutions, offices, hospitals and any large building. Smart, cost-effective and easily replaceable on site.