Main Entrance & Branding

Main Entrances Signage makes the public aware of your establishment’s location. However, it is much more than that! The first impression of your school, college or university will likely be the main entrance and its signage. This is a crucial part of making the right first impression.

Banners and flags

Banners that are Blown by the Wind, Flags that Fly. Banners (or "Flags") are becoming increasingly popular with schools, colleges and universities.

Coats of Arms for Education

Schools, Colleges and Universities often have their own Coat of Arms. Ward Signs, South West based, are specialists in Heraldic Artistry and Restoration.

Letters and lettering

Individual letters manufactured and arranged to show School, College and University building names.

Monolith and Totem Signs

"Monolith" or "Totem" signs - large columns with great presence and space for your logos and branding.

Post Mounted Main Entrance Signs

Main Entrance Signs mounted on tall posts to allow visibility over walls, fences and hedges.

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