Ward Signs Interviews Two Bristol Designers

We wanted to investigate how emotive Bristol designer felt about typography. We interviewed Bluemoon Design and Andy Degg from Green Hat.

What are your top three trending fonts?

Green Hat – “Macklin sans, slab and serif”

Interview green hat macklin
Macklin sans

Bluemoon Design – “New Spirit for something classic, Europa for an open friendly sans serif and Adrianna for a versatile font with condensed and extended options.”

Interview bluemoon design new spirit regular
New spirit regular
Interview bluemoon design europa regular
Interview bluemoon design adrianna condensed light
Adrianna condensed light

Can you share your top resources for typography?

Green Hat – “Adobe fonts, innumerable spec sheets and books that are on the studio shelves”

Bluemoon Design – “We use Adobe TypekitFonts.com and sometimes Google Fonts if the client’s brief means they need a font they can download at any time.”

What is the only reason you’d use Comic Sans in your design?

Green Hat – ” I’d never use Comic Sans”

Bluemoon Design – “Comic Sans is actually great for dyslexic readers as the letters all have unique shapes, which make them easier to distinguish on a page – that’s also why it’s used a lot in resources for children learning to read! So if it was really the best solution for accessibility or early years then I’d use it!”

To what extent do you think fonts play in brand image?

Green Hat – “They are an important part of the brand. They allow for consistent messaging and allow a company/business to set themselves apart. Fonts can say a lot about the company, but they are also liable to fads and cliche. Some tried and tested fonts like Helvetica and Gill Sans never go out of fashion, others are like summer flowers lasting no more than a season in the sun!”

Bluemoon Design – “I think fonts play a massive role in branding. If you are ever watching an advert on TV that flashes up text, try to guess what brand it’s for just from the typography and you’ll probably know instantly. The choice of font communicates so much about the tone of voice or the personality of a brand and different fonts will speak to different demographics of people. You could have a great logo and great colour palette but if the font didn’t fit, the messaging could be off. It’s an important piece of the puzzle that should never be overlooked.”

Tell us about yourself – what are you all about?

Green Hat – “We are graphic design company that believe in creating beautiful and intelligent design experiences that have a positive impact.”

Bluemoon Design – “We’re a small design studio with a background in print. Above anything else we love working collaboratively with our clients. We’re always trying to find the best solution and we believe that design is at the heart of helping our clients succeed in their businesses.”

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